Anodex Finishing Inc specializes in high quality metal finishing services such as anodizing, powder coating, chromate conversion, and passivation.


Anodizing is a metal finishing process that can be applied to Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium, and even copper. The anodized finish is a rugged yet smooth layer formed on the surface of the metal. Numerous dyes can be infused with the anodized layer to give the anodized parts a great look. Find out more about the anodizing process and the various colors Anodex can provide.

Powder Coat Painting

Powder Coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to virtually any type of metal. Powder Coating is the process of spraying pigment particles and resin onto a metallic surface to be coated. The surface is heated and fused into a smooth coating, resulting in a uniform durable, high quality finish. Find out more about our Powder Coating services here.

Chromate Conversion Coating

Chromate Conversion Coating is used to passivate steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, silver, magnesium, and tin alloys. Primarily used as a corrosion inhibitor, primer, decorative finish or to retain electrical conductivity. Find out more about Chromate Conversion Coating here.


As a technique, passivation is the use of a light coat of a protective material, such as metal oxide, to create a shell against corrosion. Passivation is a critical step in maximizing the essential corrosion resistance of parts and components. Passivation can make the difference between stisfactory performance and premature failure. Find out more about Passivation here.

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